Events held at The World of Trails in 2017


Events held at The World of Trails in 2017:


April 15th Traditional Southern Ostrobothnian Bon Fire on Easter Saturday

Rastas-Tiina lit the bonfire using her American dollars. Heikki of The Year and the leading ”Trulli” assisted.

















Sing Along – events

with local accordion players on Wednesdays from Midsummer to the middlle of August.

July 4th Fourth of July celebration

with American and Finnish American topics. We wish to thank the Finnish Americans who were present at the event!















July 12th Open Doors and local traditions’ Day

There were lots of visitors at our event. They learned how to knit ”rasat” and stockings, how to make home cheese and soap and how the traditional Ostrobothnian knife ”puukko” was made in the old days.

July 16th Boys of America Brass Septet

Concert at the Church of Peräseinäjoki was great and wonderful! The leader of the orchestra Paul Niemisto said nice words about the acoustics in our beautiful church. The audience really enjoyed the music of the American Boys – And Two Girls.

July 17th International Migration Fest

the annual fest at the World of Trails. We had special quests from USA, Canada and Australia.

July 17th Ameriikan Poijat – Boys of America

concert at the World of Trails. Boys of America septet played beautiful Finnish evergreens and greatest pieces of classical music.














August 19th Seminar on the Canadian Finns

presentations by Ahti Tolvanen, Jouni Korkiasaari and Tellervo Lahti.

August 19th Topping out ceremonies of the Knuuttila Canadian house

Special guest Valerie Knuuttila came from Canada as a member of the Knuttila family, the donor of the Knuuttila house and hundreds of artifacts. Some of the Knuuttila family members from Finland were also present. Traditional roofing ceremonies, menu, pie soup and beer. Accordion music and singing by a local quartet. A public event held in the tipi, a Laplander’s hut, at the World of Trails.



































































August 20th Western Day

Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the programme, some guests from USA were interviewed. Country music concert, country dansers, old American cars’ show. Esa Hakala from Florida USA and Valerie Knuuttila from Canada donated artifacts for Hakala and Knuuttila houses.




























October 7th Finnish American music Fest

was held in Riihimäki, arranged with Ulkosuomalaiskulttuurin Seura, Seminar on Finnish American music and culture. Presentations: Pekka Gronow, Marko Tikka, Ahti Tolvanen, Tellervo Lahti. Evening entertainment at ”Iltamat”: imitator Reijo Salminen, several accordion players etc.