The World of Trails

The World of Trails – Heritage Park

The World of Trails Heritage Park in Kalajärvi Peräseinäjoki is a part of the introduction of the history of migration. The purpose of The World of Trails is to tell about Finnish emigrants living around the world.

Hakala “American”  house

Hakala “American”  house was opened to the public in July 2008. It was built by Matti Hakala who earned the money for the house as an emigrant in Michigan USA working at the railways. His grandson Esa Hakala immigrated to USA in 1960’s. He has made donations including tools that were used in the Hakala farm house in the old days. The house also tells about the Finnish emigration to North America by artifacts and collections.

Sugar caners’ barrack

The donation from Ingham Australia is a sugar caners’ barrack familiar to great number of the Finnish immigrants. It was opened to the public in July 2010. The donors Mr. Barrie Smith and Mrs. Bev Smith were present at the opening Fest as well as a number of other guests from Australia, most of them volunteer workers of the sugar cane barrack project. We are very thankful for them all.

Siberian log house

Siberian log house, Matti Unkuri house, was transported to Kalajärvi from the Omsk area in Siberia, Russia. The donor is a fifth generation descendant of Matti Unkuri. Matti Unkuri was born in Ylihärmä Finland in 1855. After killing a man he got a life long sentence to prison in Turku Finland. After a couple of years he was moved to Siberia where he lived for the rest of his life. The log house he built for his family in 1890’s. It was opened to the public in 2013 at the World of Trails.

Knuuttila Canadian house

In 2016 we got a marvellous donation from Canada. Knuuttila (Knuttila) family donated us the family house built by the great grandfather who emigrated in 1880’s from Alahärmä Southern Ostrobothnia to New Finland Saskatchewan Canada. There is a great amount of furniture and other items and artifacts included that have been used by the family in the house during the decades. The rebuilding of the Knuuttila house got ready in 2018 and the house was opened to the public in July 2018.